Steps to Getting Beyond the Loss

A snapshot of MY STORY...

The most defining moments in my life have all centered around the loss of a loved one that was ripped away from my life far too soon. 

First, it was the passing of my dad when I was a child, then years later, the loss of my precious daughter whom God allowed to grace this earth for 47 minutes. I was able to hold her in my arms until she took her final breath. Then in 2019 after only 8 months of being married, the tragic death of my husband. I know the pain of loss all too well and understand how grief can be crippling if not processed. 

I will also add, that while I may speak from the perspective of the loss of life, grief as a result of loss can also be brought on by many life impacting circumstances such as the ending of a marriage, losing a job, dealing with a debilitating illness, etc. 

It is my prayer that this information on steps to process your grief and caring for yourself in the transition brought on by loss will be of value to you. 

We are not meant to do community alone and you don’t have to process this by yourself!  

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